Playing Bet9ja Can Result In Big Wins

Today it is possible to win more than one million Naira with sports betting in Nigeria. It’s true, and it happened to a man in April of 2015.

He placed one single N500 bet and his winnings totalled 13 million Naira. The man’s name is withheld for reasons of security but he played 26 games on a ticket for a period between April 2nd and April 11th.

The games were straight win bets except for the double chance game.

Even though this might only seem like a dream, dreams can come true, but you have to play Bet9ja in order to win.

In fact, you have many different options to play for money, and here is more information about these games.

KC Gaming Networks Limited

The betting service is a trade name of KC Gaming Networks. Their technology centre is in Europe and facing operating are located in Lagos.

They are fully licensed to conduct business in Nigeria and the service covers all major sporting events worldwide and on a given Saturday, you may find as many as ten thousand betting opportunities at one time.

The company operates online with secure servers to ensure the safety and security of their patrons. When you play the games online you have the option of playing for free or betting money.

Payments are in real money and withdrawing winnings from your account can be done at any time.

Signing Up

There is no charge to become a member and take advantage of the wide range of betting services.

However, there is an age limit of 18, so if you are younger then 18 you will need to wait. Signing up online is as easy as choosing a username and password.

Payment Options

It is very easy to make a deposit with a debit card. However, you will need to make your deposit in the amount of NGN 100 or more.

The most you may deposit is NGN 1000000. You will not be charged any money for deposits or withdrawals from your account.

Sports Betting

Today, sports are as popular as ever. Maybe you have a favourite team and a favourite sport.

When you choose Nigeria’s number one sports betting source you have your choice of many different sports.

Soccer, tennis, and motorsports are available but this is just a few.

Maybe you follow American football or you like baseball. Cricket, darts, floorball and many other sports are waiting for you to take your chances on.

Soccer Specials

When you sports bet, you can take advantage of the many soccer specials. For example, on the England FA Cup, one can bet on how the first goal is kicked.

Choose shot, penalty, free kick, and several other options. You also have the chance to bet on yellow card players and the first team to score, and there are many more fun and exciting betting options with soccer specials.

Motor Sports

Perhaps you follow Formula One racing. Now you have the chance to put your skill and knowledge to the test. Bet on the driver you think will win and if you are lucky and pick a long shot, you could win big.

American Baseball

There is no need to wait until the regular season begins in American baseball. One can start betting as soon as spring training games start.

This is an excellent way to see just how much skill you have in predicting baseball winners.

By following spring training games closely, you will get a better idea of how your favourite team is going to do during the long baseball season. Remember, you can win if they win, but you also can win if you think your team will lose.

Dog Racing

Dog racing is an exciting event and it’s very easy to bet on these races. Just visit the website and click on “Dog Racing”.

It will tell you when the next race starts, so you can place your bets ahead of time. Go over the board and decide how you want to bet.

As soon as the race starts, you may watch it live online at the website. This way you know exactly what happened and it is almost like being there.

It’s a great way to enjoy a day at the dog races and not even leave the safety and comfort of your home. In addition, if you like horse racing, you can watch live horse races in the same manner and place your bets before each race.


If you love to play casino games, you are not alone. However, there is no need to go out to a casino when you can play a number of exciting games from your computer.

Plus, it is possible to play for free. Just use the “demo” option and you get to see just how each game works.

When you decide to play for money, you only have to go back to the main screen and select “play” Enjoy fun games like roulette, blackjack, hi-lo, mahjong, and many more.

Virtual Sports Betting

Just because the season is over doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy games like football, tennis, horse racing, and dog racing.

These exciting games are computer generated and give you the chance to have fun betting on the games. It’s hard to tell how the game is going to turn out, but with a little skill and luck, you just might win.


If you would like a chance to win as much as N 100,000,000, log into the site and go to the Super9ja section.

Pick 10 winning scores from the promotional games. Each week, the top twenty players all win N 265,000 apiece. In addition, there are mini jackpots for those who get 8 or 9 correct scores.

Responsible Gaming

The betting service encourages responsible betting and it’s important to only bet what you can afford to lose.

It’s all about entertainment and it’s possible to have a great deal of fun if you don’t take it too seriously.

Your betting service gives you the chance to set limits for your spending so you can be sure to receive the most enjoyment from your entertainment.